How to Strengthen Your KPI Reporting System

to Survive the Economic Downturn and Grow Your Startup

Leading a company is not easy. Leading the company in 2020 is even harder. But leading a company during the pandemic without clear KPIs, with a  weak or no tracking system  — that’s the direct way into the startup valley of death. More than ever, the current situation requires from us strategic thinking and adaptation skills.


Matthew Lowry, Head of Operations (EMEA) for Fathom, and Satwik Govindarajula, Head of Growth and EIR at Seedstars, will guide you through the most important steps in setting up your business KPIs, main targets and the whole tracking system to ensure that your company is on its way to growth. 

Together with Matthew and Satwik, we’ll cover the following topics:

How to review existing business KPIs or define the ones from scratch 
How to set right targets for your business KPIs
How to build (or streamline) a reporting system
Available tools and reporting systems in the market


Matt Lowry

Matthew Lowry

Head of Operations (EMEA) for Fathom

Matt is the Head of Operations (EMEA) for Fathom, looking after sales, support, account management and partnerships. Prior to becoming Fathom’s second EMEA employee, Matt was Head of Customer Experience at a scaling SaaS Plc, and he has consulted to clients ranging from sole traders to FTSE100 constituents. Matt is originally from a legal background and has experience in litigation, M&A deals and negotiating international commercial contracts. 

satwik profile pic

Satwik Govindarajula

Head of Growth and EIR at Seedstars

An entrepreneur himself, and currently working as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Seedstars, Satwik’s expertise lies in Growth, Data & Analytics, Funnel Optimisation, and Digital Marketing, among other things. He works closely with startups across emerging markets and across the stage-spectrum to help them implement lean methodologies, growth processes, robust analytics and fundraising processes to accelerate their growth.



Will this be recorded?

Yes, we will record the talk and send it to all the registrants within 48 hours after the webinar. 

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